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Years of Practice and Development

The Professional Leading Enterprises of the Garment Accessories



SAGA Plastics

On the basis of high quality accessories, we are committed to developing automatic packaging machines to help garment factories improve efficiency.
SAGA people respect intellectual property very much and do not spare no effort to maintain market order.
Its brands are: Ruiqi, SAGA, saip, ARTEKA, giraffe and so on. Up to now, it has won dozens of patents issued by the state, including invention patents, appearance patents and utility model patents.

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Taiwan SAGA Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 20 years. It is a company specializing in the production and sale of all kinds of products after packaging. Its products include trapezoidal studs, elastic studs, stud machines, gun stitching needles, tag guns, ring guns, hand-piercing rings, ring guns, code hoppers, label paper and so on. After years of practice and development, it has become a leading professional enterprise in the field of garment accessories.。

With excellent product quality, preferential price, strict professional management system, professional service and sales system and excellent working team, Ruiqi Plastic Co., Ltd. officially established Guangzhou Ruiqi Plastic Co., Ltd. in 2004 to expand the scope of service for customers and increase the changeable cooperation mode. We are looking forward to your call or letter for samples and information at any time. To establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship, Ruiqi Co., Ltd. will provide you with the most professional services!